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May 11, 2004
Hi Fellow music lovers!

I have a small yet very dear (to me) and valued collection of vinyl, a few of which are limited releases, a few audiophile pressings and one or two rare or hard to find albums. I was just wondering ... is there any way I can achieve this without incurring too much cost:

1) Transfer to CD or (heavens forbis, compact cassettes) for casual play at home in order not to wear out my records?

I wouldn't mind doing DATs if I can find a good DAT player cheap (less than $100?). Err...I have not been playing with Hi-Fi in more than what ...10 years so dun hamtam me ah. I have no clue of the prices of equipment these days. My old set up was a Pink Triangle, Syrinz PU-3, G-DECCA London (gold I think, can't remember) and a whole slew of amps. The turntable needs new tone-arm leads; I don't have a pre-amp for my humble Rotel Power and speakers are NADA!

Or is there a better way of doing this?

BTW, I will more than be willing to use my own Garrotted DECCA London Gold if someone wants to explore the possibility of doing this out of a mutual love for music (read: NOT for profit or commercial purposes).

I don't have much to offer, but I'm more than happy to let you make a copy of my records if you like my music (mainly 80's pop and a few classicals, jazz and world music).

BTW, I am NOT an audiophile, so please don't trash my choice of equipment or opinions. I just love the music. :D


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Jan 18, 2002
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You can record your music onto your PC as WAV files and burn them into audio CDs. To do that you need:

1. Audio capture device
- or any good quality sound card

2. Audio capture software - the one bundled with the Griffin iMic is quite good.

3. CDROM burner with CD creater software.

I understand that for the Griffin and M-audio devices you can plug the turntable output directly into them as they have pre-amps and digital inverse RIAA filter to correct the frequency response.

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