An Exhibition of Photographs by Andrew Chew

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Aug 27, 2003
Japan : Streets Without Names
An Exhibition of Photographs by Andrew Chew
15 January to 28 February 2009
Location: The CathayGallery, #02-16 The Cathay

Andrew Chew is certainly no stranger to Japan. Fascinated by Japanese arts and culture as a youth, he has been a frequent traveler to the country for over 10 years, and has even made a documentary film on Japanese ballroom dancing for National Geographic. But when Andrew began to photograph its cities in 2005, he found himself drawn to the brooding undercurrent of loneliness and isolation he felt and saw beneath the ordinary surfaces of urban Japan.

These images are part of an evolving, long-term photography project. Taken on the streets of Tokyo, Nagasaki, and Kanazawa, this series of photographs is a personal meditation on the solitude of street life.

Photographer's Profile
Andrew Chew was born in 1974. A former National Geographic filmmaker, Andrew left the world of moving pictures in 2006 to focus on making still images and he now works as a documentary photographer and writer. He divides his time between street photography and photographing intimate, personal human stories, often living amongst his subjects for extended periods of time to make his images. Andrew is based in Singapore and travels to China and Japan for his work. His photographs of an ancient multi-ethnic Chinese village located along the border of China and Thailand has been published in the book, "Pilgrims."

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