An Award-Winning Photographer Lighting Workshop - Kenji Liu (04 & 05 Aug, Sat & Sun)

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Jul 3, 2012
Hong Kong
This is a 1-Day Shooting Workshop.

Before Head: There will be an Online Fashion Seminar from Hong Kong on 13th July 2012 from 9:00pm to 10:00pm. TOTALLY FREE!! Join it to know Kenji more!!
Just add Kenji's Google+, then you can see the broadcast of Kenji's video online!!


Date: 04 Aug & 05 Aug 2012
Time: 8:00am-11:00pm (3 Sessions per Day)
Location: Sentosa Boardwalk
Number of Participants in each class: 12 (6 people in the morning, 6 in the afternoon)
Admission Fee: (Models included)
SGD 300/Participant for ALL SESSIONS - Early Bird before 20 July 2012, Thereafter SGD 350/Participant
Featured Model: Evangeline Calista Gay


Workshop Purpose:
1. To share Kenji's professional knowledge in photography, from pre-shooting, shooting, to post-processing.
2. To meet new people in Singapore, finding new perspectives in the photographer's eyes.
3. To exchange shooting skills from different places.

Workshop Target(s):
1. Helping photographers with solid professional knowledge in composition, use of focal length, modeling skills & lighting practices.
2. Photographers should be able to cope with various situations, directing models and taking better pictures at the end of the workshop.


Session 1: (Outdoor in the morning, 8am – 1pm)
- Critical composition skills in fashion & catalog shootings
- Use of different focal length: Reviewing the secrets of fashion & catalog photos
- Fundamental posing skills: Explaining normal posing mistakes & offer corrections to poses
- Advanced modeling skills: Use of eye-lines, facial expressions & skills of controlling model's emotions
- Ambient Lighting Control Part 1: Finding the correct light angles, back light controls
- Ambient Lighting Control Part 2: Use of reflectors & softers
- Critical mistakes & corrections, main points of using small flashes
- Mixing ambient light with small flashes (Will use studio strobes if available)
- Introducing different accessories & reflectors for small flashes
- The knowledge of using flash units with different accessories
- Introducing multi-lighting techniques
- The skills of Light Metering using DSLRs & light meters
- The knowledge of calculating light proportion between ambient light & flash lights
- Outdoor shooting practice
- Q&A Session
- Review of Session 1

Session 2: (Outdoor in the afternoon, 230pm – 730pm)
- Same as Session 1
- Extras Goodies: “The Man-Made Sunset Demonstration” (if time available)
- Review of Session 2
- Q&A Session

Session 3: Post Processing class for participants of session 1 and 2 (Indoor at night, 8pm – 11pm)
Classroom location: 261 Waterloo Street, #04-37, Singapore 180261.

- Post-processing tutorial class
- Introducing advanced skills in Adobe Lightroom
- Introducing advanced skills in Adobe Photoshop
- Demonstration of advancing retouching skills of fashion industry
- Reviewing participants' works, commenting, opinions exchange & corrections
- Reviewing Kenji's works


About Kenji:
Kenji is a worldwide fashion photographer who having been working in professional fashion industry for more than 8 years. He is talented to catch the special moment of one’s eyes & emotions, he graduated from professional photography field in UK & what he studied leading to his unique shooting style which many people adore.

Kenji has been rewarded The Best Picture & The Best Photographer of the Professional Photographer Magazine UK in Portrait session. He has also been recognized as the Chief Event Photographer for Google, PayPal, Citibank and Educational Department Hong Kong. Kenji is not only an award-winning photographer, but also a writer for various medias, a tutor for modeling classes, lighting classes, as well as guest speakers & host for English Photography on TV channels.

Kenji has collaborated with fashion brands like Adidas, Levis, Bauhaus, etc. He has also worked with professional celebrities like Miss Malaysia Sherine Wong, Miss Macau Cherry Ng, music band The Astrocytes, and many other fashion designers in Hong Kong as well as overseas.

Kenji Website: Kenji Liu Photography | The photography blog of a professional photographer…
Fashion Works: Fashion | Kenji Liu Photography
Portrait Works: Portrait | Kenji Liu Photography


*** Please be noted that this workshop is NOT a normal shooting event, this is a training workshop Kenji will demonstrate his skills & sharing experiences to participants.
*** Hints: Kenji will be teaching some advanced skills in lighting, please bring your pen and notepad to drop down the main points, make sure you learn everything that you deserve to earn =]
*** Participants will be able to practice a lot during the outdoor shooting session
*** The main language for this workshop will be in English
*** English platform of Lightroom & Photoshop will be conducted
*** Participants please bring along with your own flashes
*** Kenji will be using Phottix Atlas Wireless Triggers, please bring your own set if you use other brands


- Deposit into PayPal account:
- Mark down the TRANSACTION ID in PayPal
- Copy or email of the deposit print screen is highly recommended
- Send your Name, Cell Phone Number, the Date & the Session you choose as well as the TRANSACTION ID to Titled “Kenji Liu Fashion & Lighting Workshop (Singapore)”
- When your entire admission fee is well received, we will send you a confirmation email
- Please be punctual to attend all classes, many thanks

Sample photos of Kenji's Work:



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Jul 3, 2012
Hong Kong
Hello, everybody, since some of one may have missed my last online seminar on Friday, again I will be holding an online seminar for you tonight at 9:00pm-10:00pm, see you in Youtube & Google+, if you want to ask more questions instantly online, please add my Google+ account at the above link. Thank you for your kind attention. :):)

Oct 4, 2009
I think you need to register for a workshop/shoot organizer account before you can post a thread like this, advertising for a paid workshop.

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