Always a path to take things slow

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Hi guys, thanks for taking the time to view this.

I was trying to use diagonal lines to create dynamism and the idea of fast and intense. this is in contrast to the soft brown of the foot path framed by the two rails to potray like a safe passage...

Am new at this :sweat:, really appreciate any comments. Thanks!

the theory/idea is good. but the execution would be perfect if a human element was captured at the foot path. juz my preference tho.
and perhaps a amaller aperture? the light streaks are a bit too bright for my taste.
other den dat, its a good shot.


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Mar 11, 2004
there is a distinct lack of depth in this image 'cos u can't see the other side of the road hence the strip of light looks rather 2-D. if u want to capture 'intense' then u are better off shooting from a higher angle to show the light has width too. In addition u capture less of the sky and more of the road which is the main focus.

thanks incubus, a human element would really complete the pic, roger to the brightness part - maybe i can PS it.

thanks fox, never even thought abt the width of light before! should have considered depth properly...agree, wasted too much real estate with the sky which is not the main subject.


Nov 9, 2004
Isaiahfortythirtyone said:
but not very possible to put humna element right? unless its stationary
Yeah, you are going most likely get a ghostly effect due to the natural motion in human body.

Anyway, I saw this presentation on a magazine that there was a photoshoot with road and vehicle at night, with members of a rock band standing in the middle. I interpret it was superimposed. Thats all I know though. :)

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