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Dec 8, 2008
Firstly let me thank you for an excellent forum. I use 35mm and 6 x 4.5cm cameras and digital as well, and these are well supported.

However there is not a dedicated area for the cameras that came before 35mm standardised popular photography, I am talking about the subminature cameras - 9mm, (Minnox) 16mm, (Canon, Minolta, Yashica et al) 17.5mm (Steky) and yes even the high end 110 cameras such as the Pentax, Rollei, Minolta, Canon and Minox offerings which do not qualify for the title of "toy cameras" They all had lenses capable of resolving more detail than the film could register, and used with modern transparency films the results are more than acceptable, for a couple of examples see photographs/bateen.jpg and photographs/rudder.jpg both taken with a 110 camera (a Minolta 110 Zoom mk I in this case) and using velvia 100 at about 5pm local time. If you take a look around my photobucket account you will also see the work related 110 photos of a ship - the pictures are a little grainy as these were taken with 200ASA print film and enlargement makes the grain more visible, but taking that into account these are also good images taken with a Canon 110ED20, 110 camera with f2 lens.

The 16mm cameras from Minolta had amazingly good lenses and were the camera of choice for snaps during the '60s and early '70s and large numbers of these were sold at a price equivalent to a Nikon D700 today!

Would it be possible to add a subminature section to the forum to cover these unusual and "real" cameras?

Keep up the good work

One minor gripe about the forum, I tried to email the webmaster on several occasions and my mails all get returned with an over quota error message. If you are going to publish a contact email address it would be good if it actaully worked.

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