alternative shoot 1 - outdoor, 03 July 2004

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Oct 19, 2003
Theme/Focus: Alice in Wonderland
Date: 03 July 2004 (saturday)
Time: 11am-5pm
Location: Outdoor (to be decided later)
Cost: $50 per photographer
Ratio: 4 photographers to 1 model (8 max)

Outfits will be minimum 2, one for the alice in wonderland theme (alice and mad hatter) others would be casual/elegant. Please note this is an alternative shoot, the makeup/look for the focus is dark themed.

Lunch will probably be at about 1 plus after we finish the first round of shooting. So overall we have about 6 hours altogether with some time for resting, lunch, changing clothes and makeup. Will have some extra time if there are those who want.


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