Altar - Photography by Samit Das

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Mar 18, 2009
Samit Das has worked with photographs, collages and drawings, which at times, come together in a single creation.
His compositions, in their multiple layers and remarkable forms, engage urban architecture as his points of reference and departure.
His subject is the constructed human environment, from the macro-scale of urban super-structures to the private intimacy of personal effects, but most usually the middle range of architecture and interior spaces. With his techniques and his subjects of address, Samit Das celebrates an aesthetic confusion that is both imaginary and palpable, relying on chance and reason to create works that mimic and reflect what is found everywhere around us, all of the time

Opening reception:
9 July 2009 - 630pm to 830pm (All are welcome)​
Exhibition continues till:
31 August 2009​

Indigo Blue Art​
33 Neil Road​
Singapore 088820​

To those who are free, please feel free to drop by tomorrow night. Cheese and wine provided :)

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