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Nov 25, 2005
Hi plastic,

I saw the series you posted on this forum and it is very nice.

I just wondering, is there any post processing done ( adjusting the contrast, level etc ) ?


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Dec 6, 2005
Can you also post the equipment? BTW, nice shots so far.


Aug 19, 2004
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Hi all,

Thanks for looking at the photos. It has been nothing but encouraging words and good advise that I have been getting from the folks in here... thanks again.

erha, I adjusted tints and exposure during the process of opening of the RAW files in PS. To make up for the camera's inaccurate Auto WB. I shoot in photojournalist style (as fast as my gears can keep up) therefore there is never the luxury of checking exposure, doing a WB on the spot, etc. Still learning to use PS better, but so far, the ability to correct exposure and tint and warmth issues has been a blessing.

Hacker, all shots were taken on a E-300, with 40-150 standard lens. Still putting aside money for the the upgrade (7-14mm, 50-200mm, fisheye) which will come months later. I am only glad that the E-300 has a good enough sensor to capture the stuff. Not perfect, but with my budget, this is all that I can get my hands on at the moment. My complete gear list at the moment are :

- E-300 with battery pack (for one-charge-whole-trip shooting)
- 14-45mm standard kit lens
- 40-150mm standard lens
- 35mm Macro for product shoots
- Kodak 0.7 Wcon for desperate wide angle for shooting interiors in desperate moment (this is the Kodak version of the Oylmpus Wcon07) but cheaper
- Nikon SB28DX flash with extended flash cord for quick and dirty "studio lighting" fitted with a Stofen OmniBounce
- 2 x 1GB CF (Lexar Pro and Ridata Pro2)
- Manfrotto 190 PROB tripod fitted with a 486 ball head. (have to upgrade the ballhead eventually, not stable in windy conditions).
- A Lowepro StealthReporter AW650 to carry everything on the move. (minus the tripod).

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