Affluence of Society

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Oct 26, 2003
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Has singapore progress so much that we throw stuff that is out of style but otherwise in very good condition?

Can we not make an effort to find out if friends we know can make good of it?

I am selling house, most stuff were given away to my friends (foriegn worker). But I will be selling the fridge and my fav. sofa (though I would very much like to keep it but cant).

I think we can look at it this way :
1) Give to those who need it more than you FOC ie. charity
2) Sell to those who will appreciate them ie make some money.
3) With (1) & (2), we are recycling ie environment friendly.

So friend, try to make an effort.

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Jan 11, 2007
Has been happening for YEARS and YEARS!

Which is why I never had to buy a 'new' sofa for the past 5 years! LOL!

SG (a certain race, in particular) cannot 'loose face', and it's soooo much easier to just dump their unwanted furnishings rather than find a new/willing owner.

Yes, the beauty of affluence has arrived.

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