Advise in choosing a camera

Feb 20, 2012
Dear all I've just joined this website and I would like to seek your advise and input.

I'm considering of purchasing a compact DSLR equivalent of a Nikon D70 (which was my old camera), however in view of the bulk, there are some considerations that I would like, that my future camera can meet. They are,

1. Having high quality images during surgery;
2. Having the choice of a remote timer;
3. Excellent night shot;
4. Compact and easy to carry (at least people won't assume you're lugging something huge);
5. Being able to charge the battery without the use of a dock (think Casio exslim);and
6. Able to take movies for as long as the memory space warrants.

Many thanks in advanced for your input please.

Best regards.

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