Advices on shoots in a dancing studio

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Now im only equipped with a 300D kit lens + 75-300mm lens..

I might be helping my friend to take pics of his dancing class, does anyone have any advices to give?

I'll be meeting him before the actual shoot. During the meeting, what should i try to find out from him?

I have a couple of things which i wanna know from him during the meeting:

1) What kindof pics does he want me to produce. Does he want to be a subject so that he can promote himself as an instructer or does he wants me to take pics of hsi dancing class.

Besides the above stated point, can anyone add to my list on what i should try to find out from him? I'll also visit the studio beforehand to see how the lightings are like..


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Mar 18, 2004
flashes an important factor here...with flash u can use a rear curtain sync to give some life to his dance movements....

perhaps a prime would help to.....coz it would give u nice bokeh...if he wants to promote himself....this way the ppl behind him wouldnt be too distracting...

and do find out the layout of the studio where u can stand...where the main lights are...

Jan 28, 2004
High-speed stuff? Motion captures... or motion blurs! Dance is all about movement, try catching that with slow shutters, or "action" shots with real fast shutters.

Watch out for the mirrors. Every dance studio usually has mirror-walls that will mess up your flash & lighting, and worse, restrict your positioning, ie. don't want to see yourself in the glass...

thanks to everyone who have contributed..

seh: Yeah, if i discuss with him, shouldnt be a problem, the problem is i only have a built in flash. keke..

witness: camera dont have rear curtain sync ley. i dun own a external flash too

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