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Sep 16, 2015
Singapore Tampines
Hi guys,
I'm doing photography with my iPhone 6 and recently I have decided to get a camera because I will be travelling quite a lot during the start of next year. I most take pictures of interiors, landscape and architecture.
My budget is around $600­$700 (most probably 2nd hand) I want it to have :
A viewfinder (best) / external viewfinder
Interchangable lens
Wi­Fi capabilities
I am considering the Sony a6000 or the a5000 but I kind of cannot decide on which one. Also I took a look at the Fujifilm X­M1.
Kind of any brands will do.
Thanks for reading and please advice.

Apr 9, 2015
Get an e-m5 or the e-m10. And invest in a good lens as well. Say a 17mm f1.8. Sharp and wide. And it's fast as well.

For the em5, it doesn't have wifi but that can be solved with a flashair card.

And I'm no olympus salesman. I just find that the system and the amount you are paying are justified.

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Nov 29, 2010
Personally, I thought A6000, E-M5 and E-M10 are quite value for money now. Never played with Fuji before. So can't comment on that one.

Dun think I'll recommend A5000 if A6000 is available for abit more money.

Anyway, regardless of choice, stick with the kit lens (usually those standard zoom ~16-50mm). Should be good enough to cover what you want to shoot. If not wide enough, you will need to stretch ur budget for a Ultra Wide Angle lens that may cost as much (if not more) that what ur stated budget is.

Aug 25, 2014
A6000 for sure 179 af point + phrase af + eyes/face tracking + 11fps

Edwin Francis

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Mar 24, 2006
A6000 for sure 179 af point + phrase af + eyes/face tracking + 11fps
Really, those are the specs you want to push for the TS' scope ie. "interiors, landscape and architecture"? :dunno:

To the TS: After you have your shortlist, make sure you get some hands-on time before buying. ANY of cameras mentioned can fit your needs, but which one you'll like the best -- that's really personal.

I use and like the m43 system right now. After testing the waters with an old E-P2, I decided to get a newer body. The E-M5 looked good and had all the right specs. I rented one for a day, when I'd get to test it for casual event. It performed well, but I HATED a few things, primarily handling issues. I found the grip awful, and the buttons spongy-feeling, and the playback button at the top badly placed -- small and blocked by the edge of the LCD screen. Hard to tell ANY of those things from specs or reviews. (these are all my personal findings of course -- you may find the opposite is true for you)
I got, and still use and love, the E-P5 instead. It has its own compromises of course, but I can live with them.

Remember, specs only tell you one part of the story :)

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