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Need your review for the following products:
1.Canon S45 @ $836
2.Minolta F300 @ $855

Are the prices from the e-quote provided by CP included GST?

I am thinking of getting one of the above product and therefore need some kind of advice from the"gurus" here :)

Heres the info for both camera:

Thank you very much


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Nov 24, 2002
I think it's written on the equote that the prices do not include GST?

The main differences I can find between S45 and F300 are:

- 4 mega pixels
- uses CF cards (cheaper)
- weight = 260g (heavier)
- uses proprietary battery

- 5 mega pixels
- uses SD/MMC cards (more expensive)
- weight = 185g (lighter)
- uses Ni-MH batteries

Other than the above, I find the features similar for S45 and F300. Both have 3x optical zoom and manual functions.
I just wonder how the battery life for the F300 fare? Other than that, I personally think F300 is a good buy. And, the prices are amazing cheap for a new, 5 mega pixel digicam.

What do the others think?

Side by side comparison - if this works.



ok i might be getting the F300 but when is the best time for me to get it?
I heard theres some exhibition coming up in March so is it better for me to wait for a better deal? or might just go down and get it soon.(retail price and shop price case)

Regarding the storage type, can anyone point out a good link to learn more about it?
And also i heard the storage capacity for SD/MMC are limited to 256Mb? Can anyone confirm this?

Which brand of SD/MMC are you using now? and how much is it roughly?

Thank you

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