Advice Needed-Repairing, Ricoh,Caplio RX

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My Ricoh Caplio Rx just kind of blacked out ... the lcd still functions, but the live display just shows nothing but blackness and when I shoot anything, it just turns out fully black, does anyone have any clue of what happened?

(okay, the lens cover is open, and its not on blackoutdisplay or anything. The lcd works well and I can still see stored photos on it)

Should I repair it or something? Kind of want to sell it off anyway... want to upgrade to a dslr ... If there's anyplace to repair, any recommended places ? Or should I just sell it off at cash converters or something ...



May 11, 2005
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maybe you've accidentally switch of the LCD viewing part(for taking picture). check your manual as some cameras eg like yours which have an optical viewfinder allows user to turn off the LCD screen during picture taking. thus lcd shows only your pictures taken and not before you take.

It is definitely not that I assure you. I know how to turn off the LCD.

Now the live display still has all the info stuff on it, just that its an empty black patch whatsoever.
Every photo that I now snap with the cam turns out fully black.

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