Advice needed - getting a simple shelf for my DVD player and Set-top box

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Hi, have been thinking about this for a long while but never get my act together until now.

I've been stacking my set-top box on top of my DVD player and given both of them generate alot of heat, it's far from ideal.

I'm wondering whether is there should a thing as a simple 1 or 2 layers shelf so I don't have to stack them any more? Do you know where I can get it? Hope you guys can catch what I'm tyring to say ... TIA! :)

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Sep 14, 2005
one suggestion that comes to mind is to use rubber stands to raise the distance between the devices. There's quite a number of different sizes and heights that r available - Self-fix and Homefix, DIY's and other hardware shops should hv them. SL Tower might be a good place to look.

...u can use double-sided tapes to stick them on ur devices or just leave it under if they r wide enough in diameter.


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