LR Tips Adobe Unleashes Creative Cloud 2015


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Sep 27, 2006
This week (June 15) Adobe unleashed the latest version of Creative Cloud: Adobe CC 2015. This has been a much anticipated release for many designers and other creative professionals! There have been some substantial updates to many of the Adobe Applications, but also some completely new products and services have been introduced as well, such as the new Adobe Stock Service. Adobe CC 2015 Update Highlights Photoshop CC 2015 Art Boards- Art boards were a game-changing feature when they were introduced to Adobe Illustrator. One of the reasons is that it meant multiple assets developed for a branding campaign could be stored in a single document. While there have been workarounds to accomplish this using smart objects in Photoshop in a similar way, it was an inconvenience to not have such a powerful feature. Now art boards are in Photoshop CC 2015, and the impressive power they bring comes with them. For designers doing mockups of websites and mobile applications this is a must have. If you’re still using Adobe CS6 software and you work with web designers and mobile app developers, this new feature alone could save you hundreds of hours in productivity a year. Adobe Muse CC 2015 [...]


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