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Sep 27, 2006
Mike Rankin


Adobe has released updates for Creative Cloud subscribers that will deliver more than 20 new features to Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.
One of the biggest enhancements is the availability of over 900 Typekit desktop fonts to all Creative Cloud members. Typekit is now integrated with InDesign and Illustrator to offer convenient access to fonts from within those apps. For detailed information, check out Steve Werner's Typekit Update post at
Problems with missing fonts can now be fixed automatically by syncing Typekit desktop fonts. ​
Photoshop CC users get a new Perspective Warp feature to edit the contents of a layer and give the illusion of a different viewpoint, plus Linked Smart Objects for collaborative workflows, and all new 3D printing features that allow them to print 3D objects a 3D printer, or submit files to a 3D service bureau.
Photoshop CC's new 3D printing options in the Properties panel
Fitting a train image to tracks with Perspective Warp ​
InDesign CC users are getting a much-improved Hyperlinks panel, and EPUB enhancements including pop-up footnotes.
InDesign's new Hyperlinks panel tells you when a hyperlink is working and when it's not. ​
Illustrator CC users can look forward to editable Live Corners, a rebuilt Pencil tool that's more intuitive and precise, a Path Segment Reshape feature to quickly modify objects, the ability to change the view of perspective drawings, and to export responsive SVG code.
Adjusting corners in Illustrator is now as easy as clicking on a widget and dragging. ​
Also with this release, Adobe has also re-set its 30-day trials. So if you've tried Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign or Muse since May 2012 and your trial version expired, you can now check out the latest version for another 30 days.

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