Adobe LR2: Secondary Display Colour Profile

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Jun 24, 2008
Hi folks, got a rather percuiliar problem here.

Currently using Adobe LR2, and recently got a new LCD display that I'm hooking up to my laptop. But when I pop a photo on the LCD using the secondary display function, the colours come out very dull, compared to if i viewed it using windows picture viewer on the LCD as well.

In fact, upon further investigation, the most puzzling thing is that when I move the window across to the extended display, the colours stayed as vibrant as they should be, but for only about a second, after which the colours become dull again.

Original colours upon switching to secondary display:

Colours on secondary display after a couple of seconds:

I apologise if the quality of the photo is not good enough, but I wasn't able to capture a proper screenshot either. But main thing still is to illustrate the change in colour profile (?), which became duller. Note that the colours of the wallpaper remained consistent.

Googled around, but wasn't able to get an answer. Or maybe I just didn't key in the right search terms haha.

But anyone knows what's going on?


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Jan 3, 2008
Pasir Ris
You need to profile both LCDs properly, otherwise you don't any useful results. Not sure what kind of laptop you have but especially those with glossy screen will give a totally different image than a standard LCD.
So get a monitor calibrator, profile both monitors (the calibration program helps you there) and put the profiles into Windows. There is a Windows tool available from M$ website for better managing two screens with different profiles. Once you have done this both pictures should look equal.
The effect you describe when moving the window across the screens is due to Windows settings "Show window content while dragging". Once you drop the window at new screen the respective colour settings are applied.

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