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Sep 27, 2006
A good majority of Adobe users have moved to the subscription-based Creative Cloud versions of their favorite software. In my experience, many people migrated because they had to and some did so begrudgingly. But what I also found was that a large portion of that group was won over by all of the extras offered to Creative Cloud users. Whether that was extra software—letting users try out apps they might never have dared to attempt—or full use of Typekit’s library of fonts, or the nearly seamless integration of assets via the integral Creative Cloud Libraries, by and large people have found something to love about Adobe’s Creative Cloud. Some gems that often go unnoticed are the many mobile apps that are helpful tools on their own, but can add so much to productivity when used with a Creative Cloud subscription. There are quite a few mobile apps, yet somehow not all creatives are familiar with them, or even are aware that they exist. Some of the apps have overlapping functionality and app names are constantly being changed as apps merge or simply fade away. Let’s take a look at the mobile apps that creative pros like yourself can use to [...]
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