Admiralty Park Macro Shoots and Poisoning 2/12/2012


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Nov 22, 2010
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Hi Everyone, I will be getting my 60mm f2.8 macro for my Olympus tomorrow and wish to try out macro with the new lens as I have always been using my Canon 100mm all the while. I also want to take this chances for people to try out shooting macro or other photos with m4/3 for those who are still new to the word and also for you guys to share with me your stuff (Dun wan nvm =D).

Venue: Woodland station at 0730H
Things to bring:
- Camera
- Len
- Raynox
- Diffuser
- Tripod (Optional)
- Money (Buy food or water)
- umbrella or poncho

You can PM me or sms me at 93676029 and PLEASE LEAVE YOUR NAME DOWN BELOW:

1. canonmono

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