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Jul 14, 2007
A title is an extension of the story you wish to tell with your picture. If your picture portrays a sense of lack of identity, or a sense of being lost, then by all means title it untitled. Think of your title as a theme for your photo as well.

To be able to title your pictures skillfully and appropriately is also something that needs to be learnt.
I agree with this statement/s.
Among many aspects of photography, most / many of us would be sometimes loss for words putting in a suitable title for each photo taken. A photo is worth a thousand words; and it takes a few words to sum it up as its suitable title - and sometimes / most times for many ppl its not easy; it can always mislead anyone.

I believe good titles can be good 1st impressions for anyone to be drawn to the photo. In fact, I put a suitable title for my photos AFTER I've taken, and anlyse each one; did a little reflection, and came up with the suitable words. For me, it doesnt work the other way round.

Some might / have argued that titles arent necessary, since a photo itself is self explanatory. What say you about this issue?


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Jul 25, 2006
I say thanks for quoting me. :bsmilie:

I really think there could be more thought put into titling photos. Some photos (not that they are bad photos) are merely titled out of the need for one, rather than the intention to portray a message or a story. "Punggol Sunset" is hardly a intriguing title; it merely tells me where it was taken for instance.

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