AdamGoi's 'favourite' comments found in Clubsnap forums!

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Adam Goi

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Just for laughs and not targetted at anyone.

The thread was 'inspired' by one of the many Banal topics which the guys and I shared yesterday @ Marina. Some may find it funny, some may feel the 'pinch' (myself included) or the rest may even hate me for it.

So here goes and if you've any more 'comments' to add, you are encouraged to do so! ;)

AdamGoi's all time 'favourite' comments as found in the comments of images!

/me switches on sarcastic mode :devil:

1. Nice or very nice! (with no elaboration)
2. Great shot! (again with no elaboration)
3. Which camera did you use?
4. Can my ABC camera take that shot?
5. Which lens did you use?
6. I just don't like it...don't ask me 'gut' feeling told me something was wrong...
7. Eh, I got a similar shot
8. Eh I got a similar shot-Part II (Here's a post my shot-usually it's a better one)
9. :thumbsup:
10. erm...any more contributions from the rest of the Clubsnappers?

Ouch, the pain's kicking in (I must confess that I do use some of these helpful comments) :dent:


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Jan 19, 2002
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Eh. It's a sad, sad day when


is not in the list.

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