Acratech Ultimate Ballhead & Gitzo G1325 CF - by Edmund Tan

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Jan 17, 2002

Acratech Ultimate Ballhead vs Arca Swiss Monoball B1

The Search for the Ultimate Ballhead
I had long heard of the name of the lengendary Arca Swiss Monoball B1 which was supposed to be the ballhead to own. Famed Bird Photographer, Arthur Morris also wrote in his book, "The Art of Bird Photography" that he uses the Arca Swiss Monoball B1......

The time had come for a show-down between the ATUB and the Arca Swiss Monoball B1 during a trip to the Singapore Zoological Gardens. For this informal test, I borrowed my friend's B1 (thanks Darren!!) to use.

I had a simple strategy for the tests. Since both ballheads use the same kind of QR plates, all I had to do was to mount my EOS 3 (with PB-E2) and EF 100-400 f/4.5-5.6L IS USM on the individual heads and simulate operations during shooting. During this test, my G1325 CF tripod had not arrived yet (the photos above were shot during a subsequent trip) and I was using borrowed legs (Manfrotto 190B -> thanks again Darren!!!). So to be fair, I mounted each ballhead on the G1228 CF tripod before each test.

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