Abstract Shot

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Nov 21, 2006
Since nobody reply. It is very hard to say but may I post my 2 cents comments?

1)itoshii, not sure why you come out with this "photo" but personally I think if you wanted to get some thing old, feeling of stone-made stable, long-live or the portrait of kindness budda himself, didn't you? Even so or not, you should tell us what do you want to say about this "photo".

2)Let me try to imagine about this photo. But really only from his eyes and nose only. The lower parts are very confusing. You change the taking angle will do. Move right abit.

3) At this viewing angle, his eyes and nose catch my attention but I don't dare to look for long. It is because of his big circular eyelids threatening me.If I pay longer time to look at his face, both eyes are scary. The left is very cunning, the right with its shadow create a strange shape.

4)Go to the nose, ok..Only notice the weird shadow of his nose on his face. What kind of nose is this?How come the shadow is in a sharp triangle shape? Something very unatural. If it is the point you want to emphasis, yeah..you did it..Make me wonder why it like that..

5) The lips and left cheek is very very confusing shape. Hm..

If you put this picture in a series of budda, it might work but now it doesnt have a strong impact on the viewers.

Hope to see more from you...

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