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Jan 29, 2002
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An opportunity not be missed - Keda's images very different from what we normally see in the local market or even internationally; otherwise how could have won some many awards from international professional wedding association annual print competitions. His approach has the bride and groom looking edgy with a creative touch that can render a shoot done in Johor to look like some thing shot in the English country side. Come hear him talk about wedding photography and of course see his images to appreciate how you can start to try to add a difference to your own pictures.

Patrick hosts a TV programe in Malaysia on photography and has been reinventing himself constantly to stay relevant to the demands of the photographic industry. His experience with different areas of photography give him a perspective that allows him always be able to add some new for his customers. Talking with Patrick is always fun and educational, as he is open to sharing about what he knows.

William is truly a master photographer in the real sense of the phrase. He is amongst the photographers that other professional photographers go to for training. He is also the only photographer in the world to win the MPA gold Oskar (Overseas Photographer of the Year) two years in a row and this contest has been going for 50 years. He definitely knows a thing or two about breaking through to move on up to the next level of your work.

Hilarion has done what few photographers have done - he has managed to export himself overseas. Some have done assignments oversea on an on off basis. Very few Singaporean photographers have managed to navigate through the various issues of setting up a studio and operating in a foreign land. That takes not only photographic talent but business skills and the ability to think out side the box.

This is an opportunity to part take in the sharing that these talented and generous photographers are offering. Hear them, see their works, be inspired to become empowered to grow to the next level in your own work.


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Mar 11, 2005
Hi guys,

WPAS President Matthew Tan have decided that for those who confirm their seats before 3rd Sept will only be charged $20 only.

email: enquiry@wpas.org.sg

David Lim

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