About Photo Designs, Makeup-Styling, Bridal Fashion Trend ...

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Jun 22, 2004
This is a casual discussion Thread on the "About Photo Designs, Makeup-Styling, Bridal Fashion Trend ... ".

It was inspired by a group of Posters at this original thread >> http://www.clubsnap.com/forums/showthread.php?t=365279

Here's my say:

It's interesting to note that the makeup & hairdo styling are typical Malaysian , including the wedding gown & dresses designs ( you can cross-check with local makeup artists comments and their works ). Even the modern Taiwanese makeup styling ( which was once shun ) has move forward in leaps-and-bounds.

Same goes to the design & layout of the album pages, including the graphics elements and the etched-out portraits effect pasted over the a stock-image of seascape or landscape ( ... have you guys seen any actual bridal shoot done over actual seascape or scenery backdrop ? with good natural lightings and beautiful locales ? ) These are a quick-fixed methods of putting 'a hot sellable concept and commodity' into the world of commercialism of the Bridal photo industry -- a sad but a true fact.

I believe that these "80's styling & concept" or outdated ( some have call it ), are beginning to take center stage even in India & Indian bridal photo Album photo & concept ... ( Do a search and you'll know ).

Anyway, like all fashions, design and graphics, photo presentation trends, it needs to take cue from the leaders of the industries, and rest of the guys follow.

However, many followers are looking at the wrong directions -- taking cue from the "out-dated" Mass Market-Makers.

Having said that, it's still the Wedding and Bridal Buyers whom have a choice of the "Cheap-&-Follow-the-Rest-package" ( aka economical packages ) verses the "Premium-&-One-of-Kind-package" ( aka Designers' Labels & Branded Works Packages ).

At least 70% ( majority ) of today's Bridal Service Buyers will fall into this group - "economical packages" .

While the 10% ( Minority Elite ) will falls into the Premium category -- whether they have good taste or Not is not important.

And the remaining 20% of these Buyers are the People who can distinguished Good Design & Works from the So-so, and willing to fork-out and budget for these privileges.

Remember, good design and artwork is not a commodity -- and neither is a must-have -- But for those who can appreciate fine creations and the art of professionalism, will seek out those fellas that provide such premiums.

Feel free to make your comments or your opinion about this subject.

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