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Nov 4, 2006
Hi guys. I went to Marina Bay area today with a bunch of great guys for photog. The park was closed so we headed for some tree shooting. After most of them left, I went to check out the old site where those buzzing steamboat restaurants used to be at. Everything just disappeared very fast ever since they start to fence up areas for the building for the IR at Marina Bay. =/ Heard Shears Bridge is going to be torn down too...and I haven't shot on it once before! Well...here's some shots. Tell me how you find them pls. Thx.

1) I purposely oof the whole photo. Notice nothing is in focus. Might not be the norm but I want to portray the feeling of being trapped and staying half-conscious in an unknown environment.


3) Shot using my 50mm f/1.8 prime. I found it really handy this time to blur out the entire bg. WB was florescent something new that I wanted to try. The blueish colour kind of produced a surreal feeling. But I prefer it in monochrome.

4) Florescent WB too. For the surreal feeling.

Shall upload more tomorrow. :D

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