A word to all Alternative Photographers and Fans...

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Dec 18, 2003
really MORE diaper changes
of late, it has come to our attention that our little corner in CS - Alternative Photography, has slowly becoming the next battle ground for those with an ax to grind about 'good' photographs ... whatever THAT is....

while I generally take a hands-off approach in managing AP, and letting everyone share their works, and generally having fun, we (and that includes all the mods and Admin) DO NOT like to see this generally civil little corner turning into a bully-pulpit for those who deem themselves as purveyors of good photography.

so, i've taken the liberty to set the records straight:

a) Alternate photography is NOT about lomography ONLY. AP is also about toy cameras, pinholes etc... read the tagline above. Bottom line - we dun care how or wat you shoot with. we care dat you have FUN doing it.

b) AP is not about film only. I know some of us are used to digital, or have never had a chance to use film. That's fine. So, we dun really care how or wat you do with or get your pics. As long you had fun doing it, it's fine by us.

c) While there are general rules and guidelines to what makes a 'good' photograph (Rule of Thirds etc...), here, as far as we are concerned, it doesn't really matter a big deal. What we want is you having FUN, and taking a quirky look at life around u... rule of thirds be damned in some cases. Taking a page from the Lomography mantra - Don't Think, Just Shoot.

d) We really love it when people share their pics of how they view the world. Really. We do. No matter how mundane your subject/theme might be, as long as you can present it in a totally different light that makes a viewer go "Hey, why didn't I think of that??", we think you are on your way in bringing back FUN into your photography.

e) Suppose if some of us really really really really have the urge to comment about any pictures shown by any CSer, BE NICE. Period. There are many ways to help others improve, but giving acerbic or sarcastic comments is NOT one of the ways. Of course, we are not asking you to go round saying 'nice pic!' all the time (and racking up post-count... dun laugh. some newbie CSers have been known to do this in order to get more PMs... go figure). Rather, be helpful in your comments. Think - if you have nothing good to say... then probably it's better that you don't. Or, if you don't get AP altogether... there are many other sub-forums here that you can go to. That said, any attempts to cause unhappiness among APers in this sub-forum will be dealt with by the moderators and/or Admin. We cannot possibly patrol every single thread - and we dun see the need to, cos we believe in the civility among APers. However, do let us know if there are any attempts to cause unhappiness?

f) As per CS guidelines, all buying/selling should be done in the appropriate sub-forums.

g) If you have not taken the hint by now, we want Alternate Photographers to have FUN in their photography. So, please, if you have no intention to contribute to the 'fun-ness', probably AP is not for you.

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