A Viper is En Route

Yutaka Go

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May 22, 2010
IMHO.... Good use for Military equipments beside taking more lives....
Our SG air force is also good in saving life


A Big Thank You -
"I was cut quite deeply with some bone fractures and my vein was cut... I was glad the helicopter was there. The crew was very quick and very nice. A big thank you for saving my life."
- Mr Zaslavec Andrej, who sustained a life-threatening cut to his arm and lost a large volume of blood, while working on board a container vessel about 260km off the coast of Singapore.
Yesterday, our Rescue 10 Search-and-Rescue team was scrambled and evacuated Mr Andrej to Singapore General Hospital (https://goo.gl/6UcIz7). Today, the team paid Mr Andrej a visit and wished him a speedy recovery.
[From left to right: Pilots CPT Nicholas Ong and CPT Samuel Boh, Medical Officer CPT Shawn Lim, Medic CFC Goh Jun Cong, Aircrew Specialists 3SG See Lennon and 2WO Lim Chee Keong]

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