A tribute to fathers!

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Adam Goi

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The time has come to remember and appreciate the fathers. Relative to mothers who are 'probably' one of the less appreciated people of our lives; by the same token fathers are 'possibly' one of the most misunderstood people in our live.

To some they are sensitive and caring; to many (perhaps) they are authoritarians, no nonsense or no compromise whatsoever. Still let us remember that they only get to become fathers once in a lifetime and they are indeed not perfect in some ways. The bottomline is, men being men, although they tend to put up a guy-guy image, in their hearts, they do their best to provide for the family as in their view, that's probably one of their few competencies. Unfortunately, with that intention, some of us may not see eye to eye with the way they executed their responsiblities.

Let us take this time to show our gratitude to our fathers be it whatever means; I'm aware it'll be easier to say than to get it done (I didn't get to do it when he was alive).

For those who are like me, take a moment and remember them.

For those fathers in our midst, give yourself a pat on the shoulder for a job well done and continue to perservere and rest assured your kids will learn of love for them with each passing year!

Happy Father's Day! :dent:

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