A ship in the sky


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Dec 21, 2009
1. in what area is critique to be sought?
I would like to know whether this is consider a well composed photo. I know there are lots of MBS photos so I am trying to see it from a different angle and maybe create a different feel to it.

2. what one hopes to achieve with the piece of work?
I like clean and simple shots of buildings. Do you consider this a nice and clean shot? Is this an interesting shot of MBS?

3. under what circumstance is the picture taken? (physical conditions/emotions)
This photo was taken handheld around 6:30pm. I was walking around taking shots from various angles to find an interesting shot of MBS. There are too many direct shots of the 3 towers, which makes it looks too common.

4. what the critique seeker personally thinks of the picture
I personally think it is reasonable based on my standard (beginner standard).



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Oct 25, 2005
lil red dot
You need to give more room/space between the edge of your frame to the your "ship". Too tight a crop as it stands now.

Yes, frontal shots are very common. But your choice of angle is also very common nowadays as well.


Aug 25, 2006
not a bad idea,

but as DD123 points out, much too tight. there is no breathing space.

try to let the diagonals start from the corners - it may seem like a small thing, but it matters a lot.


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Jun 23, 2008
sometimes it is hard to pin point what works and work doesn't. Our two "masters" has already pointed out what doesn't. What you can do is to take a number of photos, changing the angle, your position when you shoot, keep exploring, from there look at all the photos you have taken and get someone else with experience to look through them and choose what are the ones work and what doesn't and why is it so.

I have one tiny thing to point out. The top right hand corner sky is overexposed in a what it suppose to be a nice blue sky. Having the lens hood on may help a bit. You can try to find something larger to shield from the sun.


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Dec 21, 2009
Dear daredevil123, night86mare and coolthought,

Thanks for your comments. I try again with a wider lens so that I can get larger space between the "ship". This was taken with 24mm lens.

I will continue to explore different angles and settings and hope to post another photo soon. Thanks.


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Oct 18, 2010
If a photo has to be just a composition it isn't so interesting.
This is supposed to be an architecture picture, so what it the aim of it ?
Mainly to show the beauty of the builbing in its surrounding, the technical aspect of the construction, the materials used ect...
I guess you wanted to concentrate on the former, the beauty of building. For this the best is to get first a sens of the architect goal and try to emphasis it. In modern constructions, the materials used have often special effects under certains conditions, try to understand it.
Go there at many different times of the day/night and look at the light, at the others building around etc....
You'll be lucky to get a striking image just by an improvised jalan jalan, there is always home work to do.

All the best

...try to let the diagonals start from the corners - it may seem like a small thing, but it matters a lot.
I agree with bro night86mare on this, its a basic rule that is emphasized in almost every book about photographic composition :)

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