a question on my new micro 4/3. New camera owner here..

Apr 23, 2007
hi gurus.. i'm just hoping this is not a stupid question. I am new to photography and i bought a gf3 with the 20mm lens. i am just wondering why is it every time i take a picture , it seem to focus to a certain point and it will naturally make the rest of the picture blur. Is there a way i can have a full picture that is not blur?

As in i take a full picture, whole picture is focused and non is being focused? is it possible? whole picture is clear.


Mar 27, 2012
Wat is the aperture for the photo?

Apr 23, 2007
i put auto mode. It's called "IA". I'm not sure what is the aperture of the photo


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Feb 21, 2009
I am assuming the blur that you are saying is refering to the depth of field

There's an explanation regarding the Depth of field in photography
Depth of field - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

If you want the whole photo to be sharp, you need to shoot at about f8-f11, you can use the aperture priority mode to set that

However if it's a low light situation, you might get motion blur due to the slow shutter speed. in that case, you'll have to set a higher iso


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Sep 1, 2006
Use aperture mode. Set aperture to f5.6 or f8 (depending on distance of yourself to your subject). The smaller the aperture (larger aperture value - eg. f8 - small aperture, f2.8 - large aperture) the deeper the DOF (which means that more area in your frame will be in focus).

However you would need to be careful about closing your aperture too small... because less light will enter your lens and hit the surface of your sensor at a given amount of time, and so your shutter speed will definitely be longer, and that might cause problem with motion blur (shakes in your hand). Note that Panasonic GF3 does not have built in image stabilizer (IBIS) and so you might encounter some shakes, so to counter that, you need your shutter speed to be higher (theoretically, if you are using a 20mm lens, your shutter speed should be 1/20 or faster to counter that shakes - but don't take this as a golden rule though.). To get a higher shutter speed while closing your aperture down, there are two ways - increase your ISO value (the higher the ISO value the more sensitive your sensor is to light - but noise will step in and it might ruin your photo), another is to use a flash. However I believe GF3 do not have a hotshoe so external flash is not possible while in-built flash is not too strong :(

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