A Puzzle for Learning Regular Expressions


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Sep 27, 2006
Well, now that we have put in a few hard-working days this year already, it’s time for a break, don’t you think? And why not something that’s fun, that we could also—maybe if we stretch the rules a bit—count as work. This is a fun game that I’ve become quite intent on winning. I’m not doing so well, but I’m having a blast. Ready? It’s a RegEx crossword! Well, more like sudoku. Using regular expressions. Um, what? For any of you GREP-ophiles like myself, you’re already jumping up and down. If the idea of GREP scares you, or you’re thinking, “GREP? RegEx?!” pay attention. RegEx is short for Regular Expressions—the “RE” in GREP—and in its simplest definition is the sequence of characters that define a pattern. GREP is used in InDesign to find patterns of text, then do something to that found text. This online puzzle challenge forces you to see those patterns. The RegEx Crossword puzzle challenge is done a bit like a crossword puzzle with clues running across and down, but it also feels a bit like sudoku. Start with the tutorial’s easy 2 x 2 grid to help you get the feel for how it works. If [...]
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