a night shot at the park

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May 26, 2008
Hi Guys , need your feedback on my first night shot attempt. I have taken this shot in one of the HDB park. I hope i created a good mood out of this (though camera shake is a little obvious)

F/4.8 at 42mm, Shutter speed at 1/2 sec




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Oct 24, 2002
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Scrap the settings! Nightshots shouldnt be 1/2 secs, tune it up to like 2secs-16secs for this kind of lightings and aperature above 8. That explains why this pic is a bit soft and use a tripod, persinally I'd like to capture it in a diff angle like from the bench's point of view etc.
Oh well, what do I know keke.

Apr 24, 2007
Good try for a newbie. You must be pretty excited to see the shot :).
Here's some suggestions you may want to consider to improve your night shots:

a) Use a tripod. Yeah, it's kinda burdensome lugging those 3 legged creatures around but what to do? If possible, get a cable release too so that you don't shake the cam when you press the shutter.

b) Since you are shooting pics that require overall sharpness, try to keep the aperture smaller, say 5.6 or 8. But keep the speed 1 to 2 sec if possible else you will see a lot of noise in the pics. You can increase the ASA to say 400 to 800 if you want to keep the noise under control.

c) Watch the color balance. You pic is too warm, especially in the tungsten lighting. But if you shoot RAW, you can control this during post-processing.

d) Take many shots of the same scene varying the exposure so that you have better chances of getting a good shot. In night exposure, there is no one exposure rule. Experiment, experiment and experiment.

e) Watch the horizon.Your shot is a bit slanted but this can be easily corrected.

f) Have fun!


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May 9, 2008
yeah... TRIPOD, number 1 important thing for night photography (at least thats wat i think). and try to stop your aperture down to between f/8 to f/11 for overall sharpness (i learnt this from a CSer). yeah, i believe thats all. :)
happy shooting!


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Jun 10, 2006
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This shot does not work for me.
Sorry i am abit blunt, but this type of shot i would normally delete away once i see it in my LCD, i wun even keep.

1) there is very obvious handshake, all subjects seem OOF ( this is a big no-no to me :nono:)

2) No prominent subject in the pic to grab the viewers attention

3) Picture is slanted

A tripod is definitely needed, else set ur ISO to 1600 or more, better to have noise then handshake
Personally i would prefer to use a smaller aperture of f8-11, to have more subjects in focus.

I am not sure what is the mood u are trying to create, but if it's the desolate mood then perhaps it might be better to aim at a single bench or the pair of benches at 1 side.

Hope i am not overly critical... :)


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Jul 25, 2006
c) Watch the color balance. You pic is too warm, especially in the tungsten lighting. But if you shoot RAW, you can control this during post-processing.
Park lightings are usually of lower colour temperature than tungsten (3200K).

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