"A network cable has been unplugged"


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Feb 24, 2005
Recurring error message in Windows XP happen recently. And the Internet link broken often.
Not sure if it was after allowing an "update" of Java. Or maybe be after an antivirus scan and delete of suspicious items.
One more possible cause. Adobe Flash Player update - "Private browsing support and security enhancements". This time instead of allowing update, better to click on [Do not remind me about this update] and close the pop up window.

Later on worse, the screen just blackout and no further response from PC.

Anyway, rolled the PC back using Acronis Backup & Restore.

Surfed and found some ideas how to deal.

This seems to have worked...so far.

Go into Control Panel, System,
Hardware" tab. Click "Device Manager." Find where it
says "Network Adapters" and click.

Find the ADSL
Right-click it. Choose "Update Driver"
Ignore the Windows warning about it not being signed.
Just update.

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