A little question on scanning workflow

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Nov 27, 2004
Jln Teck Whye
My office recently got the HP G4050 scanner.

I did a trial on scanning and found that there's slight difference in terms of color, esp the Red which is ultra sensitive.

I did 2 ways to scan the photos (CD cover album and some others photos).

1 way is to use the original way by using the HP scanning program (direct save to the file first)

Another way is to launch Photoshop CS and I went to import HP G4050 TWAIN so that the photo will appear on Photoshop after scanning.

While the photo (B) is already in PS (imported using HP TWAIN), I also put in the photo (A) that I just scanned by using the HP Scanning program.

While doing the comparison of the both photos, B tend to have higher contrast than A. A tend to look quite mild but look alright as compared to B.

Does anyone know what can I do for scanning process as I got 2 different result. Aint sure which is the better method thou.

The reason of scanning to PS is because of further editing.

Hope someone is able to understand what I mean. Thanks.

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