A kind advice to get your sandisk card at the main sandisk store at SITEX!


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Aug 10, 2008
Wanted to get another SD card for my camera at this SITEX and notice that sandisk is having a sale with free flash drive for a 16G Extreme at $28 at this "M&S accessories" outlet so I decided to go for it. But after I purchased it, the sale person told me that they are not giving out any flash drive at all and I have to go to the main sandisk outlet in another corner for the lucky draw. When I went to the actual sandisk store, I found that they “are” giving out the flash drives for the same price. WTH!! I’m not really keen for a free 4G flash drive but I can’t help having the feeling that I’ve been cheated. "Are they selling the free flash drive for an extra income?" I can’t help asking myself. They should cover the line on their poster saying that they are giving free flash drive. A kind advice for you guys, it is better to go to the original store and not some reseller outlet if you find that they are selling at the same price.


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Nov 28, 2005
Aaaaaand that's why we always say it's not worth it...

Your fault for not following the advice posted here every 3 months whenever such a show comes along

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