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LR Tips A Holiday Card with a Clever Twist


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Sep 27, 2006
Or rather, fold. The “Deer Card” campaign over on Kickstarter lightens up the task of sending holiday cards by adding a little whimsy. The card—if you can call it that—springs to life as a tiny holiday decoration after it’s been read. The creators, Hank and Maxwell Design Studio, want the recipient to hold a little piece of holiday joy long after the initial opening of the card. The flat-packed deer folds up into a tiny be-antlered sculpture. The reward levels for the campaign mostly differ in the delivery times and materials from which the cards are made. The basic model is crafted from dyed vegetable-tanned leather and laser-cut into shape. If leather isn’t your thing, Deer Card also will be available in three metal versions: copper, brass, and stainless steel. No matter which material is chosen, each packet also includes a card for your message and an envelope. Two of the higher-value rewards allow for a custom laser-cut message in the deer’s antlers or a larger version of the deer in copper and leather. Half-way through the campaign, only a quarter of the necessary funds have been raised, so be a deer, uh dear, and check out this unique card [...]
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