A day out in the zoo

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Nov 6, 2008
My kids wanted to go to the zoo yesterday... Zoo??? Nah, not a place I usually have in mind... But then again, I have this 450D I bought few weeks ago and the EFS 55-250 lens I just got a few days back... Maybe zoo isn't a bad idea after all....

So here we go, and I like to share a few shots here... Definitely not as great as those shots found in the Photo Galleries sections... (Which is why I dare not post there for comments...) But just like to share some of my newbies' attempts and to get some of the feedback from the pros here... BTW, I think some of the shots landed up pretty soft... Do you think if it is a problem on the focusing or camera shake?

#1 - A pair of love birds enjoying their romantic day...

Exp - 1/25, Ap - f/5.6, FL - 229mm, ISO (auto) - 800, 0EV

The duck head, especially the one on the right seems to be OOF

#2 - The zoo's new centre of attraction, don't mess around with it....

Exp - 1/250, Ap - f/5.6, FL - 250mm, ISO (auto) - 800, 0EV

I set to AF, and was aiming right at the tiger's face, but seems that the face is still not sharp

#3 - My sharpest shot for the day....

Exp - 1/250, Ap - f/5.6, FL - 250mm, ISO (auto) - 800, 0EV

#4 - See, I just lost my job and I've been sitting here till my butt turns red....

Exp - 1/200, Ap - f/5.6, FL - 200mm, ISO (auto) - 640, 0EV

Same problem, subject seems to be abit OOF

#5 - Following behind mummy....

Exp - 1/125, Ap - f/5, FL - 123mm, ISO (auto) - 800, 0EV

Main subject is the small chimp behind, again it looked abit soft in the pic

BTW, does anyone knows if it is possible to set the range of the auto ISO on a 450D (I couldn't find it on the manual).... Even on a bright day yesterday, most of the shots ended up on ISO 800 and I have to use Canon DPP to remove the noise...


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