A day of birds

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This was taken in Venice, Italy a few days back.

It was shot on a boat and I've cropped this picture to a 5:3

The picture already have lots of negative space but I still decided to give it a tighter crop giving it some length in the picture showing contrast between flying free birds and a reluctant stationary building.

I've adjusted the colours to close to black and white using channel mixer and some blending options between layers.

To me I thought the mood is a rather ominous one. Would like to know how does this picture appeal to others in terms of:

2)mood achieved
3)colour rendition

Thanks in advance:)


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Apr 12, 2007
Just my thoughts,

I like the idea of the reluctant stationary building but I think it weighs a little too heavy in on corner of the picture, especially where the extreme bottom right corner blends into black space and seems quite abrupt compared to the negative space. The building seems like it may have some interesting details/architecture from another view.

In terms of the mood conveyed, I think it conveys a omnimous mood as well and the colour complements that mood. The free flying birds remind me of circling crows/vultures waiting for their meal!



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Apr 20, 2004
Hi sprintist.
Let me share my opinion on this photo.

1) Composition
The over cropping look fine to me. I would prefer to crop off the little small "chimney" on the right coz of shape n line preference

2) Mood
I quite like this mood but coz the flying pattern of these birds is scattered, it creates an unsightly flying pattern which affects the composition and mood of this photo.
I know you can't control the birds... ;)

3) Color rendition is to my liking
Overall, this pix does appeal in its mood except the flying pattern is not at its ideal to complement this photo.



Aug 25, 2005
there is a sinister feel abt the pic a la Hitchcock's The Birds (if you know abt it) .. scattered birds ok for me

agreed on the over weight dark mass to the left - lighten it, crop it, make it less contrasty

and lastly the skies too noisy - somewhat over-processed feel to the whole thing

ok so that black chunk on the right is truly distracting. at first i thought of cropping but afraid too much of it will leave the building neither here nor there. Seems like it isnt the case so i can crop it out happily now. =)

As for the grain, hmm..i'll try some noise reduction and perhaps some blur to the clouds?


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Apr 12, 2007
I actually do like the grain in this pic though. ;p

I think it adds to the mood, sorta dark and hazy.

Dec 7, 2006
west side!
i like the composition and the grainy look
but would prefer a stop-down pic. just as little over expose.

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