A Comparision


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Dec 16, 2010
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??? Is there an English version please?

In blue on the left: People from western countries
In red on the right: People from China

1. When expressing a point of view
2. Way of living
3. Time management
4. Social interactions
5. Expressing anger
6. Queuing up
7. Conscious self
8. A typical street scene on a Sunday
9. During a gathering
10. Noise level at a restaurant
11. Drink of choice
12. When on a holiday
13. Progress of modes of transport from 1976 to 2006
14. The typical retiree's lifestyle
15. Time of showering/taking a bath
16. Effect of weather on one's mood
17. Having a meal
18. Raising a child
19. Opinion of the country's leader e.g. president, prime minister
20. Idea of beauty

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