A Big Thank You - Week 2 of Ganbatte Japan

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Jan 20, 2002
Orchard Central played host to Week Two of Ganbatte Japan. It was a vastly different experience from Week One when we managed two locations. Now all resources are consolidated at one point and suddenly we seem bloated. The weather, hot and humid, was not a welcoming but our volunteers were sporting and roamed the streets eagerly.

We apologise to anyone who was shopping for bottled water at the 313 B3 Cold Storage on Sunday. We cleared the shelves (except for the Evians and pricey imported stuff). Yesh, we drank that much water.

On behalf of Clubsnap, I would like to express our deepest gratitude to all Donors who donated and posed for portraits today.

Before we thank our own, let us pay tribute to Friends of Clubsnap, non-members who volunteered their time and effort to join the Ganbatte Japan initiative. They are

BOLD indicates individuals who have selflessly volunteered for both Saturday and Sunday

Vader's Fist, the 501st Legion, Singapore Garrison. Thank you Keith for answering our last-minute distress call for trooper deployment. Mere words cannot express our gratitude to your team for donning the full gear in such humid weather. It is a testimony that anything is possible if we submit ourselves to a greater cause. The troopers are:
  • Andrew (Stormtrooper),
  • Azhari (Stormtrooper),
  • Desmond (Stormtrooper),
  • Fatimah (TIE Pilot)
  • Lewyn (TIE Pilot)
  • Sam (Jawa)
  • Shaun (Stormtrooper); and
  • Tyrone (Stormtrooper)
A Special Thank You to Keith & his wife for all the coordination and logistics support. We would also like to thank Nic & Kacin Ow for helping us to man the troopers.

SabaDen & Family, namely
1) Dennis (Husband)
2) Saba (Wife)
3) Syaza (Daughter)
4) Shabirah (Daughter)
5) Ernie (Close Friend)
for bringing two lovely cats to pose with our Donors. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pets with all of us.

Pam Tan and her sunny disposition is an invaluable asset for our campaign.

Diane Ng, June and Boon Lan who helped manage the print and IT stations on Saturday.

Hui Hui for joining the roaming photographers.

Cha-Cha and Genna, daughters of Akerue and Ed9119, who took donation tins and approached perfect strangers for donations, proving you are never too young to help.

Geraldine Ang and Yinpei Tan for supporting Ganbatte Japan through social media and on-the ground fund raising.

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Sep 17, 2008
While sebastian will continue his long list, let me also thank the special groups of cosplayers who have taken their time off to come down and support this event!

First up, we would like to thank the cosplayers from Moviemania.com.sg. Their presence has helped to solicit many donation from the public, and has been critical in helping this fund raising event. Thank you very much for answering the very last minute call for help! We greatly appreciate the effort.

Next, we would also like to thank the young cosplayers from SGcafe who have graced us with their presence. Thank you very much for coming by to support! Ganbatte and all the best to your future cosplaying endeavours !


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Jan 20, 2002
Without further adue, these are the wonderful CS members who have supported Ganbatte Japan.

BOLD indicates participation on both Saturday (02/04) and Sunday (03/04).

    • Acman
    • Adam "The Idol" Goi
    • Akerue
    • Allenleonheart
    • Ambious
    • Aurora9
    • Benny2174
    • Blueayz
    • Bblurrr
    • Canonmono
    • Chngpe01
    • Chuakel
    • Coolthought
    • Crystal1993
    • Daredevil123
    • DJSnap
    • Dejavu
    • DoraemonC
    • DreamMerchant
    • Ed9119
    • Futsal123
    • Iphoto
    • Jacobs
    • JohnTeoh
    • Jomonkl
    • Junniee
    • Kriegsketten
    • Lotusfairy
    • Mabmy
    • Megaweb
    • Mgohzxc
    • Mobilecrazed
    • Nik34
    • Nixontkl
    • Nmyfm
    • Ongoinglearner
    • Offspring
    • Peterpan1975
    • PhotoProZero
    • Pyromaniac
    • Rickey
    • SabaDen
    • Sammy888
    • Scubagolfer
    • Sebastiansong
    • Sfoto100
    • Sheesh
    • Shidyar
    • Shweed
    • SilentTrigger
    • Sinned79
    • Skarekrow24
    • Spitfire93
    • TauFreak
    • TheTerror
    • Tonton
    • TupiGuy
    • Varekai8
    • Wasak2000
    • Watsup
    • Willyfoo
    • Wolfbomb
    • Wurdelak
    • Yap1985
    • Yay0yo
    • ZerocoolAstra
Again, apologies if I missed out anyone. Please PM me in private for any amendments.

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Adam Goi

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I'd also like to thank all the helpers for forgoing the $5 refreshment allowance (per session of work). For the weekend, only one made the claim.

As promised, we'll be donating your allowance to the Japan Quake and Tsunami Relief.

Thank you for your time, effort and donation! All of you are simply wonderful! :heart:

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Sep 17, 2008
and before it slips out of my mind again,

Many thanks to the group of students from both River Valley High School and Jurong Junior College who have dropped by to help for the fund raising event. While most of you are not Clubsnap Members, you all have kindly offered to help approach the public and even took photos when we were severely shorthanded on the event day! Thank you all very much!

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Jan 25, 2007
Oops, didn't see this thread! Thanks DD123!

Thanks seb, it is good to be part of this charitable act!! :)


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Apr 30, 2011
good and nice let me also thank the special group

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