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Nov 23, 2009
Hello All!
This is my first time posting, so please do inform me if there are infringements or issues so i could rectify and clarify asap.

We (9tro) Promotional Photo shoot

9tro is a newly created online automotive web portal. Specializing in mainly the modified segment of the automotive industry, together with sections for featured models, automotive news and reviews, and not forgetting the lifestyle aspect to its viewers under 9lives, we strive at becoming an online portal not unsimilar to certain print media such as Hypertuned (Malaysia), Option (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan) and Hotstuff (Singapore), or like www.importtuner.com, www.hotstuffmag.net andwww.maxpower.co.uk.

Scheduled to launch in January 2010, we are currently assembling and scheduling for a photo shoot for our print media advertising (magazine advertising). A selected group of cars (3x continental and 3x Asian) together with a group of 6x models would be used for this photo shoot. Let me briefly and quickly elaborate:

9tro would be split between a ‘Black’ category and a ‘Gold’ category. Black – continental cars. Gold – Asian cars.

For the photo shoot, 3x continental cars would be on the left side of the picture, while 3x Asian cars would be on the right side of the picture. 3x models would be posing on the left side, the other 3x models would be posing on the right side, while I would be positioning myself in the middle.
Aside from this 'main picture' shoot, time would be dedicated for all photographers to shoot: "models only" and "cars only"

Car selection
(Black category): Gun-Metal BMW 335i, White Audi R8, Black Lotus Exige
(Gold category): Red Honda S2000, Gold Subaru WRX, Black Fairlady 350Z or White Nissan GT-R

Models: Naomi Liu, Desiree, Honey Tunn, Camy Lee, Celestina Tiew, (1 more to be confirmed)

We are hoping to have this photo shoot take place on:

5th December 2009 (Saturday)
in the event that Saturday's photoshoot does not go thru due to rain, the shoot would then take place on:
6th December 2009 (Sunday)

Time: 9:30am till 12:00noon

Location: to be provided thru SMS upon confirmation. (it would be OUTDOORS)

Light refreshments would be provided.

We would like to take this opportunity to invite between 20 to 30 photographers down to participate in this photo shoot.

Cost: SG$100.00 per photographer.
We would be using the ‘best photograph’ as our magazine-advertising picture, and would also be using the ‘best photograph’ for our homepage. Furthermore, the picture used on the homepage would be accordingly credited to the photographer. Photograph from the selected photographer would also stand a chance to win a prize (SGD$200.00 cash), and only one photograph would be selected. Any additional photographs we receive from the photographers that we choose to keep or use, would be purchased at SG$10.00 each.

For further information or to participate: please email us the following information to: (9tro@9tro.com)

Full Name:
Contact Number:
Email Address:
Camera Choice:
Lense Choice:


Nov 23, 2009
Please excuse the name-error:

The pictures under "XueSha" should be "Desiree" instead.

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