8th April: Shark Photography Workshop


Sep 7, 2008

John A Scarlett is an award-winning underwater still photographer. An ardent conservationist, Scarlett is a member of the Board of Trustees of Shark Savers, which is a leading non-governmental organization dedicated to shark advocacy. He also serves on the Earlham College Board of Trustees.

His new book,”Loving Sharks”, is a collection of photos taken over the past 5 years that highlight the beauty, the elegance and the sense of perfection that sharks, effectively breaking away from the portrayal of these animals as ruthless predators. A selection of photos from the book will be showcased at the National Geographic Store, Singapore.

This worldwide premiere will run from 1 to 11 April 2010 and the admission is free.

The Workshop:
8 April 2010, 7pm
National Geographic Store
VivoCity, Singapore

This is your exclusive chance to meet underwater photographer extraordinaire John A. Scarlett, who will be in Singapore for the Asia Dive Expo and the pre-launch seminar of Loving Sharks. John will be talking about the importance of protecting sharks and how to photograph the ocean’s top predators in their full glory.

-- Official link here.

www.reddotphoto.com.sg is a sponsor for the event.

Hope to see you guys there!

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