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7 Obnoxious Things People Believe About Photographers


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Sep 27, 2004
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Came across this blog post,
it is funny but is it so truth, so next time you can refer people to read this blog post before asking you to shoot for free again... lol

Working in the photography industry is a fantastic gig – there’s no denying it.
Something about being around creative people and being able to be creative yourself is just unmatchable.
But sometimes, it’s obviously difficult for others to realise that a photographer is a professional too and deserves professional respect.
Here are a few common situations when that can be a little irritating for a photographer.
7 Obnoxious Things People Believe About Photographers


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Oct 19, 2006
LOL, nice one, thanks!


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Aug 29, 2010
The video is funny ... I guess that's the challenge that some industries face ... when supplier deal with end customer directly, and when end customer does not see any product differenciation, funny things like this happen... but like when I go bargaining on Bangkok night markets, they always tell me "199 baht same same"

haha love this and tweeted about it:D This actually happens to quite a few industries... esp creative. Web designers, photographers, etc.
The bottomline is to really make sure you know the market, price your work with confident and let your work speak for itself. If the client values you and your work, they will pay for it. Another important thing to note is also to make sure both parties knows what is included and not included black and white in the contract and scope of work.

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