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5th Aug, Sun - Melody Studio Shoot {FASHION,BIKINI}

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Dec 13, 2006
Choa Chu Kang

Melody's a very natural & experienced model. here's a chance to shoot Melody under full studio conditions, in two outfits, 1 fashion and 1 swimwear at a very affordable price. :)

Shoot details

Date: 5th Aug, Sunday
Timing: 10am to 1pm. Photogs will book a 1 hour slot for the shoot.
Location: Indoor Studio (exact location to be confirmed)
Outfits: 2 outfits for each hour.
Ratio: Photogs will shoot in groups of 3 for the 1 hour they book.
No. of Photogs: Just 9 photographers
Price: $50 ($45 for regulars)

Shoot Format

10am to 11am

1st Outfit: Oversize men's shirt and almost nothing else.
2nd Outfit: Bikini Swimwear

Slot A: Available
Slot B: Available
Slot C: Available

11am to 12pm

1st Outfit: Sporty/Yoga theme
2nd Outfit: Bikini Swimwear

Slot D: Available
Slot E: Available
Slot F: Available

12pm to 1pm
1st Outfit: Clubbing Wear, Sexy Dress
2nd Outfit: Bikini Swimwear (with wet tshirt if studio allows)

Slot G: Available
Slot H: Available
Slot I: Available

Here's Melody:

Hurry! PM/email/sms me your name and mobile number to reserve a slot now. My contacts are as per below:

Email: skmg78@gmail.com
Mobile: 97921170

Note: For immediate confirmation, please make your booking via SMS. :)

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