'53 dead' in Bangladesh floods, landslides


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Jan 5, 2008
hi ,
my friend just msg me this....

'53 dead' in Bangladesh floods, landslides
Dear all,
I'm here in Bangladesh and I'm still alive.And Kxx still alive and kxxx too. Its 3am. Just arrived from the flooded north and back in Dhaka after shooting the flooded plain for three whole days. We didnt want to come back yet but have to do recce of other places tomorrow for you guys and gals. The drive was.7 hours covering nearly 400 km. We took a small sampan across the flooded plains to visit a Khasi village that looks like an archipelago of islands. Tell me, what better way is there to shoot flood pictures than being right there in the floods. The flood water is only as deep as a duck's breast. There's always a silver lining if you look for it. The floods are a great opportunity for unique pictures. ...........................Anyways, we only die once and if we have to die, what's better than dying with a camera in your hands..


I am going to Bangladesh for photoshoot Outings july....(is the monsoon season there)
Any Suggestion ? Rescheduling my flight ??:dunno:



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