50 snatch thefts in 3 1/2 months

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Apr 10, 2005
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about 1 case every 2 days :sweat:, hope it won't progress to as rampaging as Johor Bahru or KL. We all need to safeguard ourself expecially female's hand bag etc.

50 snatch thefts in 3 1/2 months
Nov 14, 2007

By Teh Joo Lin
AT least 50 people have fallen victims to ride-by motorcycle snatch thieves in the past three and a half months.
The latest is a Vietnamese woman in her early 20s, whose handbag was snatched while she was walking along Joo Chiat Road towards East Coast Road, at about 9.15pm on Tuesday.
A motorbike with two men on it zipped past her. The pillion rider grabbed her handbag, which contained $500 in cash, before the bike sped off.
The pillion rider was wearing an orange helmet.
The woman, who is here on a social visit pass, fell to the ground and hit her head. She was taken to hospital.
In the wake of the recent spate of ride-by snatch thefts and the upcoming festive season, the police advise pedestrians to avoid carrying excessive cash, valuables or jewellery.
They should also: Be aware of their surroundings when they are walking along the road.
Sling their handbags in front of them or clutch their possessions under their arms, on the side further away from the road.
As far as possible, walk on the pavement on the side of the road that is facing oncoming traffic. Those who suspect they are being trailed should move to the nearest crowded area or call the police for help, said a police spokesman.



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Sep 2, 2002
i wonder if you saw some guy who did that and you're behind in your vehicle would you turn on your nos and ram the motor cycle down?


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Oct 28, 2005
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i wonder if you saw some guy who did that and you're behind in your vehicle would you turn on your nos and ram the motor cycle down?
I had that experience about 4 years back in JB. I was driving along a back lane and notice a motocycle riding slowly behind a lady. Suddenly, the pillion rider grab the lady's bag and they sped off. I gave chase but I cant manage to get them as its not a straight road. My daughter was in the back seat so I didnt risk getting into an accident. I got the motocycle description, registeration number and went back the the spot where the lady was still in a stun apereance. I took her to the nearest police post and lodge a report but the police did not even want to call for backup to trace the motocycle. after an hour, they ask us to report to the HQ and we were there waiting for another hour before they took her statment. They even scolded me when I want to offer myself as witness. KNN. I think the police and the robbers are connected.

Jul 19, 2006
well.. something for the ladies to ponder about.. i still think sling bags are not safe.. either use bag packs or the type of messenger bags that cannot be pull off your body. :think:

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