49th Basic Photography Course - Registration Now Open

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Dec 10, 2004
Registration is now open for the 49th Basic Photography Course by Black Box Photography.

This course is suitable for anyone with little or no knowledge about the technical and aesthetic aspects of photography, as well as for those who wish to brush up on their fundamentals. You will be taught the basics of photography and progress through to a stage where you are able to use your camera confidently and creatively.

Tha course is conducted over 8 sessions, which comprises of 5 workshops and 3 field trips.

Brief content outline:
- What is good picture taking?
- Difference between both Digital and Analog Single Lens Reflex(SLR) and Compact cameras
- Essential Compositional Rules
- What are Apertures and Shutter-speeds
- The Art of Night Photography
- Basic Landscape Photography
- Basic Black & White Photography
- How to make your own album
- and more

The instructor, Ken Tay, is a professional photographer who has 13 years of experience in various genres of photography, including national news papers, event launches, weddings and commercial photography. As well as a Bachelor of Arts degree in photography and a Diploma in Applied Photography.

Commencement: 15 Mar 05, Tues
Time: 7.30pm - 9pm
Venue: Black Box Photography Studio

For detailed course content and schedule please visit our website
or email courses@blackboxphoto.net

We only take in a maximum of 10 participants per class. As of this posting there are only 8 spaces left. The next class has been scheduled for July 2005.

Thank you.

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