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Sep 28, 2007

I realised that my 40D uses 9 different zones for AF. But I realised that sometimes it does not focus on the object I centered on but focus on the parts out of the centre.

So now I switch to single middle focus point only. Would like to ask what is the uses for the 9 point focus?

Mar 15, 2005
Woodlands, Singapore
If you plan to pictures where the subject is off center, then you would probably set the focus point to where the subject is.

If you're taking portraits than it would be best to set the focus point to one where it is closest to the subject's eye. You can still use the center focus point but you need to recompose after focus has locked onto the eye. Using a focus point out of center would reduce the amount of camera movement during recomposition especially if you like taking lots of portrait shots.

There are many other possibilities of using any 9 of the focus points. It is up to situation and your imagination! :)

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